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Sunday night discipleship is a venue for deep and relevant discussion on Scripture, theology, and worldview. 

Fall 2023 Study | August 27th - December 10th

Biblical Theology: The Story of Scripture


How can we as believers then, understand our role in God's perfect plan if we are not familiar with the Bible? In this basic introduction to the faith, D.A. Carson takes new Christians, seekers, and small groups through Scripture to help them define what they believe, and why!

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September 17

September 24

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October 15

October 22

October 29

November 5

November 12

November 19

November 26

December 3

December 10

December 17

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The God Who Made Everything

The God Who Does Not Wipe Our Rebels

The God Who Writes his Own Agreements
The God Who Legislates

The God Who Reigns

The God Who Is Unfathomably Wise

The God Who Becomes a Human Being

The God Who Grants New Birth

The God Who Loves


The God Who Dies--And Lives Again

The God Who Declares the Guilty Just

The God Who Gathers and Transforms His People

The God Who Is Very Angry

The God Who Triumphs

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